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Amy-Leigh Hickman

12th August 2021

Photography & Words: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Alice Everiss

Hair: Louie Burrows

Digital Editor: Sam Trenouth

She starred on our screens 10 years ago in Tracy Beaker Returns. Growing up she's played numerous characters in big hit shows such as Netflix Safe, Ackley Bridge, EastEnders and recently in ITV's drama, Innocent, yes we are talking about the talented and stunning, Amy-Leigh Hickman.

We got to have an exclusive beauty shoot and had a chat with our cover star about beauty products, characters she really connected to and where we will see Amy next!

Hey Amy! Thanks for doing a beauty shoot for ReVamp. Do you have a skincare routine? Because your skin looks flawless!

I'm really bad with skin care. I use coconut oil on my skin most days and I like the Clarins moisturiser but I'm very minimalistic and I don't mix it up too much, I don't use too much on my face. Coconut oil is what I use everyday!

What are your favourite make up brands to buy?

Charlotte Tilbury! I use Charlotte Tilbury magic cream, I actually haven't found a product I don't like. That's about it!

You've starred in multiple TV shows such as EastEnders, Our Girl, Ackley Bridge and many more. Was there a character you portrayed that you really connected to?

I think all of them! I think you have to find something with each character to connect with otherwise it will make your job very hard. I really liked the friendship that Missy and Naz had in Ackley Bridge because I've got lots of close female friends and they're really important to me. I like how Naz has that which I have in my own life and that was probably one of my favourite jobs I've ever done.

How do you prepare yourself for an upcoming role?

So usually I like to know every story that's going on in the entire script. Some actors like to read just their bit but I like to know what's going on in the story. Usually if it's a character that I'm not that similar to I would talk to someone or go to the location and do a bit of research but I normally find someone who has gone through that sort of thing and talk to them about it. So, I've had friends that have helped me with Ackley and Our Girl, loads of people who have been in the army and things like that which I think is really important. You could miss little details and you need to make sure it's truthful as it can be. 

If there was any character in the world you could portray who would it be and why?

Probably Patsy Stone from Ab Fab or Whilemina from Ugly Betty [laughs]. They are my two favourites! I binged all four seasons of Ugly Betty and I thought Vanessa Williams is the ultimate diva, she's so iconic. I also re watched Desperate Housewives with her in and another show called Daytime Divas where she plays another ultimate diva. I just love all the stuff she does!

So are there any actresses you look up to?

I really look up to Jennifer Aniston. She's one I've always looked up to since I was young, I love the work she's done, the comedies she stars in is naturally gifted and I think she just holds herself as an actress really well. I also like Jennifer Saunders because she's a great writer and I think she's very clever with all the things she picks up from but I always find new people, get obsessed with them and watch everything that they've ever done. 

Lastly, have you got any upcoming projects that you can tell our readers?

I'm doing the 25th anniversary of East is East - The Play and it's really exciting because we're going on tour, we're going to Birmingham, Chichester and other places. It's going to be in London at the National Theatre for two weeks which is a big deal for me because it's a big theatre. I'm really nervous more than I would say I usually am, hopefully I will learn loads but very excited!

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