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Amelia Paveley

Monday 5th April 2021

Amelia Paveley is a textiles and surface design graduate who has her own Etsy shop where she designs prints, gifts, stationery and greeting cards. ReVamp got to interview Amelia about her designs and where she got her inspiration from.

In 3 words how would you describe your style?

Graphic, Figurative and Colourful 

What made you want to go into textiles and design?

I was inspired by the endless possibilities of what I can design and apply surface designs to, as it’s such a wide area, but this makes it more appealing and exciting to me! 

Where do you gain inspiration from, when designing? 

When designing, my work usually has a deeper hidden underlying narrative, where I’m inspired by the world around me. I’m particularly inspired by animals and flowers within my design work, along with the symbolism and meanings behind them amongst other things. 

What is the process to making your designs? 

The process varies when making my designs, although always stems from my own primary imagery which I’m always gathering on a daily basis, as I know at some point, I will draw on my image bank for inspiration when brainstorming concept ideas for projects or briefs. I then draw from my own imagery in a variety of medias, from Promarkers, to fine line pens, pencils and drawing digitally, before then scanning these drawings in and refining these further on my laptop into designs. 

What made you want to sell your designs on etsy? 

I wanted to share my designs to a wide audience and Etsy seemed an ideal platform to use to get my work out there and hopefully put a smile on people’s faces. Quite a few friends and family also said “You should sell your work on Etsy!” So, the support has definitely helped me as I go in this direction.

Why do you think you get so many good reviews?

I hope it’s because people genuinely like my work and products and appreciate the work that’s gone into it. I also feel it’s because I put so much work into the overall journey the customer takes, from the design on the product, to packaging, suppliers and the overall customer service. I want a customer to experience a good journey from start to finish. 

What designs are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on expanding my succulent plants collection of art prints, as I’ve become fond of collecting indoor house plants during lockdown and love to draw them and then apply them to products to brighten up someone’s room. I also want to add some more repeat prints from my final major project “Connections” and I’m excited to share these when it comes to listing new products on my Etsy! 

You can visit Amelia's Etsy store by clicking on here.


Photos by Amelia Paveley

Words by Amy Bell

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