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5th May 2022

She's back and better than ever. We're talking about Allegra, a rising pop star presenting what seems to be a slight rebrand. Allegra releases a new single, 'He Ain't You,' via which she initiates a step back from her usual dance sound and moves towards more pop production. 

'He Ain't You' is the first release of the year for the songstress with a new immaculate soft feminine image. The accompanying visuals circle around Alegra and feature minimal production effects. From rocking the wet hair look in a bathtub to elevating the boyfriend's white shirt outfit with matching cozy socks. 

Compared to previous releases, including her debut 'All About Us' and others like 'Used To Miss You' and 'If You Wanna Love Me,' Allegra has seen great growth. For 'He Ain't You,' she lets the spotlight shine on her and nothing else. Not dismissing her talent for writing dance anthems,  something about 'He Ain't You' seems to peel more layers off and shows Allegra who she really is. 

On top of the new direction with production, Allegra also shares more descriptive lyricism mimicking the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. 'He Ain't You' sounds like a short movie that instantly plays out in your mind. 

Check out the music video to 'He Ain't You' by Allegra.

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