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Photography: Owen James Vincent

Interview: Amy Bell

Make Up: Tamara Tott

Beginning her musical journey from a very young age, Allegra’s interest in songwriting grew throughout her childhood. Her tastes evolved and her talents were honed, and it wasn’t long before she started to develop her vocals in pursuit of a serious career. Now, with two singles under her belt so far, Allegra has garnered a total of over 2M Spotify streams. Allegra was always destined for stardom according to Leona Lewis - who invited Allegra to perform ‘Bleeding Love on stage with her when she was only 15. 

Allegra, derived from the word Allegro, meaning the musical expression for Lively, Joy and Cheerful.

Taking influence from the tradition of disco and mixing it with on-the-pulse house beats, and topped off with Allegra’s smooth and sassy vocal performance, ‘Used to Miss You’ is truly the kiss-off track of the Gen Z generation. Allegra takes on a darker and more mature role than she has in the past, the music video features Allegra showing off her acting chops for the first time, as well as some fashion-forward looks.

Hi there Allegra. Thanks for talking to ReVamp. At such an early stage of your career, you have gained a lot of listeners from across the world. How do you feel knowing your song has such a high listener rate?

Well I don’t really think about it that much because it’s just too crazy to think this is all happening so early in my career. I’d feel so lucky and I wish that I could tell my 14 year old self that this was all going to happen, she honestly would of just thought that I’m making it all up. I’m working towards my dream and I’m so grateful that people are following my journey and listening along with me.

When you were younger, you performed a duet with the talented Leona Lewis who described you as; “You’re going to be a huge star someday”. How did that make you feel knowing a big pop star like Leona Lewis said something like that about you?

I just wanted someone to pinch me when I was rehearsing and performing with her. I mean I watched her on my tv and there she was telling me to follow my dream that that I’ll become someone someday. She boosted my little girls confidence back then and I only hope to make her proud one day.

You recently worked with R3HAB, on the ‘Used to Miss You’ remix. Knowing that he has worked with such amazing vocalists, what was your reaction when you found out about the collaboration?

I just screamed on the others end of the phone to my mangers. I won’t be surprised if they’re a bit def. The fact that a successful artist like R3HAB believed in me that he wanted to work with me is just incredible! It’s people like that in the music industry that make you believe in yourself even more as and artist! Because of that I now think that I’m not going anywhere.

What was it like working with R3HAB for the remix?

To be honest when I received the final remix I grabbed my big speaker and did my shower test. I was so nervous but after my test, dancing in the shower, I rushed to my mum and played it to her. I said “how cool am I” being able to work with an incredible artist like R3HAB, I still can’t get over it.

You are now releasing more ‘mature’ sounding music. Why do you think is it important for an artist to release such music?

I think releasing music from the age of 15 it’s important that your fans see you developing  from being such a young artist. I’m definitely a different person from when I first stepped into the studio. I’ve also had my heart broken and I want to reflect my personal experiences into my music so that my fans can relate with me because we’re all on the journey together.

Was ‘Used to Miss You’ from a personal story and what was the recording/writing process like?

It’s important to me as an artist that I have a personal connection to my songs otherwise I don’t believe in it myself, so how can my fans relate to me. ‘Used To Miss You’ is from a personal experience about coming to the realisation that your so much better and that you should waist your tears on one person. I wrote it during the first lockdown in my bedroom over Skype and I fell in love with it. When I recorded it I was dancing the whole way through it.

What is next for you in terms of music? 

Well my next single is coming out very soon. I’m actually filming the music video next week, so im very excited. My team had also spoken about realising an EP next so I’m over the moon. This is my moment to show my fans who I really am and I hope they want to get to know me better.

Check out the latest single 'If You Wanna Love Me' by Allegra here.

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