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Interview: Monica Chi

aliensdontringdoorbells are on tour supporting the Pop Rock band, Scouting for Girls. We got to speak to the trio about their experience being on tour, their favourite song to sing live and what the future holds for the rock band. 

Hello boys! Thanks for joining us here at ReVamp. You’re currently on tour with Scouting For Girls - how has it been to finally return to the stage?!

It has been a pleasant surprise to see so many people coming out - nearly all shows have been sold out. It seems that a lot of people are coming out to celebrate the return of live music. It's an honour to be touring in support of Scouting For Girls on this important live music tour.

What does a typical day on tour look like for you and the band? Any pre-show rituals you can tell us about?

A typical day on tour generally starts at around 11am when we get into our tour bus and head to the next town. Usually the drives are around 2-3 hours so during this time we often review the previous evenings performance - we video record all our shows by the way. We listen to not only our performance but also the reactions of the crowd.  This is important as few people have heard about aliensdontringdoorbells in the UK despite us having two Bllboard A/C Top 30 hits in the US so far this year. It's interesting to see the crowd reaction to new songs. These are always helpful and we adjust our setlist  accordingly. Some songs we thought might not work actually work better than we thought so the crowd interaction is key. 

Then we usually arrive around 2-3pm to the Airbnb house - usually our 1st choice - or a hotel. From there it is a quick change and over to the venue to unload at around 4pm. Scouting For Girls does a sound check and then ADRD does theirs at around 5:30-6:00PM.  We then grab a quick bite. - usually a sandwich - and then it's on stage at 8:10pm after the 1st opening act and ADRD performs just before SFG takes the stage.  By then, the crowd is really quite 'warmed up'.  After the band's group bow, it's off to the Merchandise Table where we stand around and take selfies with fans and sell hoodies and cool ADRD t-shirts. We take lots of photos with fans because we like it.

Pre-show rituals: Guiness, our drummer prefers 'Extra Stout'. Adam always tells the same joke or we joke around for a while then we go into our own little zones, Kevin goes to his happy place and then Roger says "Ok I flashed Yaron, get on stage girls!"  We are on!

What’s your tour van’s go-to album to listen to together on the road and why?

Good question! We all like such different genres of music ranging from pop rock, swing, jazz, fusion.  Some of the tracks we have been listening to include new stuff from The Feeling, Jukebox the Ghost and The Script. 

What was the first song you wrote together as a band? How has your songwriting and teamwork developed since then?

It's Your Night was the first song aliensdontringdoorbells wrote together and it began as all our songs do, first with an idea and a few words which we finalise.

Do you have a favourite song to play live and why?

Like a Virgin, Surfing with the Alien, Space Oddity why do we want to play these live? who knows, we're aliens!

What can we expect from you in the new year?

More music! This Spring, when live music was minimal, we were in three different studios recording with some truly talented producers. We recorded two great new songs with Latin Pop Producer Marc Martin from Barcelona, Spain which added a lot spice and a uniquely aliensdontringdoorbellsdoorbells edge to the new songs. Next we flew into London from our home base on the Costa Blanca in Spain to record at Tony Visconti's Dean Street Studios in Soho, which is lovingly curated by none other than the great Tens Years After guitarist Alvin Lee's daughter Jazzmin; what a vibe and our producers Roy Stride, Scouting For Girl and Alex Oldroyd really gave us the indie vibe we wanted. Can't wait for you to hear what's coming!

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