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Alice Boxall

Words by Owen James Vincent

Starting to play the guitar at fourteen and then finding her confidence by singing in her room at seventeen. Alice Boxall is twenty-three and is ready to share her music with the world. On May 7th she released her debut EP, 'Rhythm of the Rain' which became a really big hit after all the responses she got for it. 

We got to sit down with the acoustic singer and chatted about 'Rhythm of the Rain', Musicians she looks up to and what the future holds for Alice Boxall.

Hi Alice. Thank you for doing an interview with us. How has your 2021 been so far?

Thank you for having me! 2021 has definitely been a lot better than 2020! I set myself the goal of writing and creating more music for this year, and it's definitely been the case so far so I'm pretty happy with it. I guess the only problem is there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done that I want to! 

Congratulations on your debut EP 'Rhythm of the Rain'. What has the response been like?

Thanks! The response was honestly amazing. This was the first music I'd officially released, and I'd done it pretty much independently, so to have lots of really positive comments and messages about the EP was the best feeling. It was particularly lovely to get such wonderful messages from complete strangers who had come across my music - it's a daunting thing to put something out there that you've spent so long on and are so proud of, so to have such a positive response from other people just makes it all the more worth it.

What was your favourite track to write about?

My favourite to write was probably the title track, 'Rhythm of the Rain'. As soon as I wrote it I new I wanted to release it properly because it just summed up so much of what I was feeling over lockdown. I remember walking in the countryside near to where I live and just feeling like being in the nature really soothed me and made me appreciate the things that we still had in this crazy time, rather than all the chaos and confusion of what was happening in the news. It took a while for me to get the song to where I wanted it to be, but when it was done, that was definitely the song I'm most proud of. 

Who are you inspired by? Are there any artists you look up to?

Our music is very different, but the artist I look up to most is Lady Gaga. I really inspire to have that amount of power and emotion behind my voice and I just think the way she writes and composes music is incredible. Another artist I am inspired by who's more of my own style of music is definitely Dermot Kennedy. His way with lyrics is just phenomenal and everything he writes is so poetic, and I am definitely inspired by that sort of lyric writing in my own music. 

Are you planning to release any more songs this year?

I am definitely planning to release more songs this year! I haven't announced anything yet, but there are a few songs I'm working on that I would love to put out there at some point this year. Stay tuned! 

Last question, what does the future hold for Alice Boxall? 

That's a tough question to finish on! In terms of a goal, I'd just love to keep writing music, keep performing wherever I can, and keep releasing music! It's something that makes me so happy, so as long as I can keep doing that, that's a future I'd love to have. 

You can listen to 'Rhythm of the Rain' by Alice Boxall here. 

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