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Alexander King

23rd September 2022

Photographer & Editor: Owen James Vincent

Interview: Joe Coburn

Styling: Daisha Dancer

Grooming: Bow Face

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

A big thanks to Olivia from JadeEast PR

Talking with ReVamp magazine today is up and coming actor, Alexander King. 

King is already making his mark on the industry with his feature film debut in the critically acclaimed In From The Side. Alexander plays the role of Warren, an experienced rugby player who becomes embroiled in a passionate and illicit love affair with a fellow player. He is forced to navigate tricky team politics and friendships whilst keeping the affair a secret. 

First of all, thank you for talking with ReVamp Magazine all about your most exciting project yet. Can you tell us what we can expect from the story and how it differs from anything you’ve ever done before?

There’s romance, drama, action, suspense, and some comedy thrown in there as well. It’s got an incredible storyline that anyone can relate to, irrespective of their sexuality or if they know anything at all about rugby. It’s a ground-breaking piece of gay cinema that is forward-thinking in its approach and doesn’t portray a lot of the themes that we’ve previously been exposed to in drama, with regards to subjects of homophobia or struggles of coming out and being who you are. None of the drama has anything to do with the sexualities of the group. I’ve never taken on a role so challenging with a story that I felt had so much importance. Also, it’s my first major screen role. 

What was one of your favourite scenes during filming? Was it the testosterone-fuelled and dirt-drenched action on the pitch, or the moments of vulnerability that you shared with your co-star and on-screen lover, Alexander Lincoln?

The scenes where we are playing the game were exciting to film, but also the emotional scenes with Alex were amazing to shoot. Alex was incredible to work with as was our director, Matt Carter. There wasn’t one scene that I didn’t enjoy filming.

If I had to pick one scene from filming, it would be the scene where we filmed in the French Alps. It took us away from the rest of the world - filming the intimate and quiet scenes with Alex, in contrast to the club scenes or rugby pitch scenes - it just took us somewhere completely different. It was just a magical experience the whole time out in France. I love the Alps sequence in the film every time I watch it. 

With competitive sports typically associated with heterosexual men, do you feel it was time for a feature film like In From The Side to advocate inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ players and bring these social issues into the conversation?

Absolutely! I think it’s always time to tell these stories. Sports should be for everyone regardless of their sexuality, gender or background. Saying it’s associated with heterosexual men; it is also the women’s games that get a real lack of support as well. Although it is improving in sports and there are various campaigns in that are fighting for diversity and equality, there are still sections in that are polluted with many forms of prejudice. We hope In From The Side breaks down certain barriers and stereotypes, and that it encourages anyone to get involved with whatever sport resonates with them, and to be open with who they are in the process. 

With that being said, did you feel a sense of responsibility for the character you portrayed?

Yes of course! I feel responsible for any role I play, especially this one. It’s significance and the story are a big deal to me and to many people that I know, and probably to people that I don’t know. I did a lot of research on the role, and of gay and inclusive sports and I really wanted to immerse myself into that world and tell the story truthfully. 

Waistcoat - House of CAVANI 
Dress Shirt- Maison Martin Margiela 
Trousers- FARRELL 
Shoes- Zara 

People will connect to various moments within the story, but is there any part of the story that resonates with you the most? 

I think anyone can connect to certain moments in the story. That is what is so great about the film, there are so many universal themes, regardless of who you are, there might be a character or two that you can relate to. The whole story resonates with me, and I guess I can see an element of me and my own personal story at different times in my life in every single character. 

This is quite an exciting year for you, and your career is only just beginning. Is there anything within film, television, or theatre that you would like to challenge yourself with next?

Not specific to any of those platforms but I would love to challenge myself with a role as interesting and complex as Warren, on a project that is interesting and exciting as In From The Side, so whether that would be on a film or TV set or on a stage. 

Jacket - Wrangler 
Sweatshirt - SUN (Vintage) 
Trousers- THE IDLE MAN.
Shoes- Converse 

What we want to know from you is - do you have any interests unrelated to acting. Something that may surprise us!

Outside of acting, I love sports, watching, and playing. I love exercising and lifting weights and I love history. I love any point of history in any part of time whether I’m reading about it or going to museums. 

Jumper - Vintage 
Trousers - TopMan 
Shoes- Zara 

And finally, has working on this project given you a newly found love for rugby? Or have you hung up your kit and boots for the last time?

Well, it reactivated my love for rugby because I played growing up for my local town and for my county. The rugby kit only came back on for a screen appearance. There was reason I stopped was because of the injuries and the damage that came with it, and I wanted to head off singing and dancing on a stage without busted knees and shoulders! I will always love rugby though.

We appreciate you taking the time to sit and chat with ReVamp magazine, we’re so excited for what the future holds for you and your career. We wish you the very best of success!

Matt Carter’s In From The Side is out now in cinemas across the UK & Ireland, and is available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray. 

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