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Alexa Cappelli

Interview: Amy Bell

Alexa Cappelli is an up and coming pop artist, singer, and songwriter from Southern California. She released her debut EP “The Colors That Make You” in 2019 which started her journey as an artist. Her songs “Forbidden” and “SAY SOMETHING” have taken some traction with her TikTok and social media presence. Alexa creates music that comes from the heart and is excited to share more of it with the world. 

With the release of her new single 'Body Language', we talk to her about music, the message behind the new single and future projects.

Hi Alexa, thanks for talking to revamp, in 3 words describe your music style?

Pop, fun, honest

What made you want to get into the music industry?

I grew up singing all the time. It was the one thing I felt like I could be myself in. I guess going into the music industry is the default of that passion. 

Do you remember the first album you bought and what it was? 

Probably an album of Adele’s or Kelly Clarkson’s. I loved the way they performed each song with such conviction. I wanted to perform like that. The first album I really admired as a songwriter was Maggie Rogers “Heard It In A Past Life”. Ever since my own voice has been developing in ways I didn’t think it could. 

You have a new single ‘Body Language’ is out! Congratulations!, what have you been doing before the release?

I’ve been growing in love for making content the more that I do it. When a certain release is coming up, I’ll spend time with family and pray even more. The last thing I want is to do what I love alone. 

What inspired you to create this single and how did you begin to record/write this single?

The idea sparked from a situationship I had been in where I wasn’t able to see who it was I was talking to in person the majority of our conversations. Maybe this is my scepticism speaking for me, but how can you truly get to know someone without spending much time in the same room? This song asks that question, but in a saucy kind of way. 

How do you know when songs are finished and ready to be released?

It’s usually a gut instinct. The producers I work with are amazing and we usually can come to an agreement on where the song stands. I love to work together in that way and talk out minor details until we are both proud. 

What is next for you once you have released this single?

My EP Confused @ 22 comes out February 22, 2022. I feel like I’ve been making strides as my sound and artistry develops and I can’t wait to share. 

Listen to Alexa's new single to Body Language here.

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