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15th July 2022

Interview: Sophie Todd

Dropping his brand new EP today 'All For Me'. We got to chat to AdeJosh about creating the songs for the record, where he would love to perform them and the journey of creating a masterpiece.

Congratulations on releasing your sophomore EP ‘All For Me’ it must feel amazing to hear the finished tracks together and complete. As a process how does it differ when you’re writing an EP rather than a single?

When it comes to me creating a body of work, I like to get into the studio for a period of time (usually a month) and record as many records as possible then I start to filter down the songs. Within the month, I just express everything that I’m going through in about 40 songs to then share with the world.

As an Afroswing artist, your style isn’t the usual way of capturing a love story, is it very hard to feel as if you can expose such intimate emotions on your tracks but in a smooth and melodic way?

Music is all melodies and pockets. Give me the tools and I will create!

‘All For Me’ was a collaboration with ATG Musick. What is it like to work together on tracks that are so personal and about your own journey of experiences?

I started music from the jump with ATG at our local church, so ATG understands me musically, especially when we lock in the studio, we always come out with hits. ATG is someone who always challenges me and pushes me more, it's very hard to find somebody like that in this music industry. So I created ‘All For Me’ with the understanding and intentionality of delivering sounds that trigger these emotions.

By being so raw and honest about your journey to self-worth on the tracks, how do you go about creating that emotion so that the listeners feel what you put out there?

I’ve learnt in life to live & understand your truth. There’s so much security in knowing that you are not the only person facing certain challenges & that why I choose to be me, because there’s someone out there who’s struggling with self-worth that this will resonate with. I feel like that’s why this EP is a journey to demonstrate that while it may not happen tomorrow, it will eventually happen with small steps.

If you were to be able to play the EP live anywhere in the world to any audience, where would you love to perform it and why?

I’ve had dreams of having a headline concert at The Eiffel Tower in Paris - everyone knows that Paris is the land of love & every love has a story, both good and bad.

If you had to sum up the EP in 3 words what would they be and why do you want them to be the key takeaways for listeners?

Smooth, intentional and growth - because I feel like this is a piece of me and how I move. We move different down these sides. This EP gives my fans and supporters the opportunity to understand my character.

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