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Ada Morghe

4th March 2024

Interview: Lizzie Cooper

Photography: Linda Rosa Saal

Ada Morghe released her elegantly performed, high concept album ‘Lost’ last year. This month she released a new version of ‘Lost’ with six new tracks.

We chat Morghe about the extended album, her live show at PizzaExpress Live and many more.

Hi Ada! Congratulations on the release of your deluxe edition of ‘Lost’. What made you want to release a deluxe version?

“Lost” has been such an inspiring journey, I met and collaborated with so many talented artists that I felt they needed to be presented in one album. 

With the new 6 tracks, what made you decide to pick these in particular?

Some of my favorite DJs (“4hero”, “Booker T.” and, Cosmodelica”) remixed my songs. I just love what they did - their versions add something new but keep the uniqueness and soul of “The Story”, “Lost”, "Fire Calls” and “We Are One”. I wanted to present them in one album along with the original tracks because they are all part of the musical journey of “Lost”. 

The two new originals “Loving Me” and “Back Then” were written during the recordings of “Lost” that´s why they had to be on this album. In times of streaming, most people may not realize how much effort artists put into adjusting the order of songs, but I´m sure everyone who listens to the full album will appreciate hearing the musical connection between each song. 

You have a show coming up on the 11th of March at PizzaExpress Live in Holborn. How excited are you to perform this album and what can we expect to see on the night?

I'm very excited to perform the “Lost” album with my band whom I've written the songs. I toured last year with that album, but with different musicians, as someone was always missing from the original band because of other obligations. This gig is the first time we are all together, that´s why it´s so special. We´ll perform the “Lost” album as well as songs from previous albums like “Oh My Love” or “Box” and brand-new songs that I´ve written recently. It´s going to be a night full of great vibes and energy. We will celebrate life, friendship, music, and “Embrace the Now”.

A personal favourite of mine is The Story such a feel-good track! Are there any tracks on the album that you’re excited to sing?

I'm very much looking forward to singing the songs from the “Lost” album, they are challenging but very energizing. I´ll also perform some new tracks, that have not even been released, so it´s going to be a very exciting night. 

Where did the inspiration come from for writing a 20-track album?

The “Lost” album started with the idea of making an album representing the circle of life, based on the five elements. I love the process, the search, the adventure. “I'm hungry still to see what´s down another road” –my favorite line of the song “Here´s to Life”. Being curious and constantly learning and pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone, feeds my artist soul. The 20-track deluxe album shows my love to explore new music styles and to collaborate with other artists. 

What else have you got planned for the rest of the year? Do you have any exciting projects you could tell us?

I spent a month in Jamaica at the beginning of this year together with my musical director and producer Livingstone Brown. We´ve written and recorded a new album which I hope to release by the end of this year or the beginning of 2025. 

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