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Katy for Kings

Photography: Owen James Vincent

Interview: Amy Bell

Katy for Kings is back again talking about her newest acoustic single 'Hard on Myself' and her experience at her gig at Colchester.

Hi Katy, I see you released an acoustic version of your single ‘Hard on Myself’, what made you want to release an acoustic version?

I honestly just felt like singing one day and the idea seemed like an obvious one. I love playing my songs acoustically and right now its the only way I can perform them live so it was nice to put a bit of a feeler out there for people that were maybe thinking about coming to see me play live in the future. I also just hadn't posted on youtube in a while and I'd recently been given a ring light so it was an excuse to try that out. [laughs]

When doing the chords for the acoustic version, how do you know what chords to finalise?

I'm very lucky to have a handful of very talented friends who also play guitar. I more often than not send my songs over to them if I'm struggling and they help me out by figuring out simplified versions of the chords that they know I would be able to understand.

How long did it take you to record the acoustic version of ‘Hard on Myself’?

Me and my phone camera have a very strange relationship. I've had to train myself to do a couple of takes and just run with one that I think is the better option. Otherwise I go into overanalysing mode and it takes me hours to even get past the first verse. I can't say how long exactly, but I think I went with the third take and then added the harmonies into garageband after. 

You recently done a gig at Colchester, how did the audience make you feel on the day?

It was the best. There was such a buzz. The gig was held where I work, so it was really cool to let the regular customers see a side to me that isn't just "katy the saturday girl" although, i love my job very much. They had obviously done their research before hand because a few of them knew the words to my songs too. That was an amazing feeling.   

How do you prepare for a gig and how do you know which songs go on the set list?

For the stage i'm at, I like to do and even split of half originals and half covers to keep people interested. Everyone loves familiarity. For this gig in particular I knew people were going to want songs they could scream sing to so songs like whats up by four non blondes seemed a non-brainer. That song in particular is one of my favourite songs to sing at a gig because of its big belty chorus. It's so catchy. 

What has been your favourite gig to date and why? 

The last one 100%. It was the first gig I have played with just me and my guitar since I released music last year so seeing an in person reaction to songs I forgot existed outside of the four walls of my bedroom was incredible and afterwards I got to chat with everyone I'd seen whilst working without the work involved so I feel like I made some really solid foundations for new friendships too. 

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