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3rd March 2024

Interview: Jamie Knight

18 months can mark a transformative journey for any artist. Since our last conversation in 2022, Ladybyrd has navigated this journey with passion and purpose, carving out a path illuminated by her artistic exploration and self-discovery. From the release of an EP and three singles to a reflective hiatus in 2023, Ladybyrd has embraced each moment as an opportunity to evolve as both a musician and an individual. With the impending release of her debut album and the unveiling of her latest single, 'Way Back Home', Ladybyrd invites us into a world where music becomes a vessel for emotion, storytelling, and connection.

Ladybyrd, it’s been about 18 months since we last spoke. What have you been up to during that time?

Hello! I have been up to so much! Since we last spoke in 2022, I have released an EP and three more singles. I took a break in 2023 from releasing new music and gave myself some time to figure out my sound and write more songs. I finished my first year at university, went travelling, did more co-writes, and met so many people. Over the summer of 2023, I wrote an album, which I have been working on since. The first song from the album, 'Way Back Home', has just been released, which is so exciting.

How do you feel like your music has evolved since we last spoke?

I knew I wanted to make music that reflected the struggles I had been through over the last two years, and I wanted the production to be bold, moving, and cinematic. I wanted my songs to create the same emotion in me as film scores do. Each track on the album narrates a distinct story or captures a fragment of a broader one, all within a cinematic pop soundscape that I hope will engage listeners on a very personal level.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new single, ‘Way Back Home’! It sounds like a deeply personal piece. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it and what it means to you?

Thank you! I was inspired by some string pieces and knew I wanted to start writing with that instrument in mind. We actually ended up using some live strings in it. The creation process for the song was a beautiful blend of spontaneity and intention. In the studio, my producer and I were playing around with string sounds. I knew I wanted an explosive chorus, and as soon as we had played some string and percussion parts, the melody and lyrics came to me at the same time—I just sang it all out and recorded it on voice notes! This raw, initial outpouring laid the groundwork for the verses, where I aimed to showcase the softer, more nuanced shades of my voice, crafting a delicate contrast to the song's dynamic chorus. The lyrics of ‘Way Back Home’, though intentionally a bit vague, are crafted to evoke deep-seated emotions and memories, painting a sensory-rich image of a past love. That love could be a person, a place, or yourself, and I would like listeners to interpret it however they would like.

How does ‘Way Back Home’ fit into the narrative of your upcoming debut album, and what can listeners expect from the album as a whole?

'Way Back Home' is the song that triggered the album and inspired all the other songs on the album. It sets the scene and lays the groundwork for the others: the emotion, the soundscape, and the passion. But it might only make more sense once you have heard some more of the songs...!

Can you share any memorable moments or experiences from your time in the music industry so far that have shaped you as an artist?

Live shows have been wonderful. I have played at some amazing venues in London, such as the Clapham Grand and Islington Assembly Hall. It is so fun to both connect with fans and play to people who have never heard my songs. I have also recently been doing a bit of work in music for a TV series, which has been a really cool experience.

Last time we opened with where you started to get involved with music, now let's look at the future. What are your dreams in music?

My dream is to continue to release the music I love and connect with as many people as possible through it. I want to be able to do more shows, and I dream of playing at venues like the Royal Albert Hall one day! I would also love to get one of my songs into a film.

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