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Natalie Shay

8th October 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Natalie Shay is back to chat to us at ReVamp about her latest single 'Figure of 8', being a support act fro Caity Baser and she tells us her experience at Latitude and Victorious Festival.

Hello Natalie! So nice to have you back! you’ve had such a busy year performing at festivals such as Latitude and Victorious Festival. How was it to perform at these big events?

Hey!! Yesss soo much fun. I’ve always attended and loved festivals so it’s a real dream to be finally playing lots of them. Playing live is my fave part about what I do!! It feels the most ‘real’. 

You also were the support act for Caity Baser. How was that experience?

So great! Was at Kentish Town O2 forum. And was sold out!! I’m North London born n bred so this was my north London artist dream venue to play. 

Now you’ve had so many amazing singles! You’ve got a new single out called ‘Figure of 8’. What can you tell us about this single?

This track is about being stuck in a toxic relationship cycle and about finding the strength to finally leave and break that loop. Healing era anthem.

How is this single different from the previous ones?

I’ve never written about this topic before! So that’s new for me. It’s good, a new kinda sound. I collaborated with fellow artist Evalina on this track. She writes kinda more soulful toplines than me so it’s nice to have that influence in the melodies. 

Accompanying the single is a b-side called ‘play’. What can you tell us about this one? And why have you decided to put it out at the same time with 'Figure of 8'?

I wrote this song on my own one 4am with my guitar. It’s coming out with the single because I’m trying to do this thing now whenever I release a big pop single to release an acoustic b side that tells the same story as the a side but in a deeper more ‘songwriter’ way. 

I’m really proud of ‘play’ I think it’s a culmination of every acoustic sad song I’ve written on my own since I was 11. It tells the story of the parts inside me that I know seek self-destruction and self-punishment through times when I’ve been worried about succeeding in life.  I watched this happen to 3 best friends in the last year. I understand it because I know I have that inside of me too. Trauma bond relationships are one of the most life halting things to happen. It’s sad to watch someone lose themselves to becoming a servant to a relationship. 

Next year you’ll be releasing your EP ‘Champagne’. What can you tell us about this upcoming EP?

It’s a progression on my last EP ‘MILK’. Fresher sound, deeper lyrics. I’m just excited to put more music out! I always think about how playing stuff live will be so I’m excited to play new stuff!

Lastly, if you could ReVamp anything in the world. What would it be and why? 

The entire groovy chick brand and franchise. Because it’s the best ever.

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