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Sarah Reeves

22nd September 2023

Interview: Summer Smith

Photography: Julia Carola

Nashville-based pop artist Sarah Reeves shares her most personal record yet. Titled 'Best Days,' Reeves gets vulnerable, hoping to inspire strength and a sense of belonging for others going through individual hardships. The project's first single, 'Get Back Your Fight,' marks the first release Sarah Reeves has written and produced entirely herself.

On 'Best Days,' Sarah Reeves is not only unlocking and dissecting personal traumas; as an artist, she is stepping out and exploring new arenas such as production.ReVamp chats to Reeves and finds out more about the album's inspirations. 

Sarah will also be performing at the Reeperbahn Festival on Friday, September 22nd, and at the Camden Club on Wednesday, September 27th.

Hello Sarah, thank you very much for answering our questions. What are you up to today?

I am in Nashville working on production for another project today and gearing up for a show this weekend out of town.

Were slowly approaching Autumn, how would you summarize your Summer, what were some ups and downs?

This summer was one of my favorites. I traveled to Italy which was a highlight as well as so many other places in the US this Summer. It can be a bit tiring and overwhelming some days but I’m very grateful to be able to travel and play music for a living. 

What do you want people to feel when listening to your single Get Back Your Fight?

I hope to inspire hope and strength when people listen to this song. I hope they feel seen and know that they are not alone. 

How did the tracks concept come to you?

I wrote it coming out of one of the hardest seasons of my life where I was battling a lot of fear and anxiety after going through a divorce. I felt like I needed to shut out all the voices and go back to my roots of writing by myself. I slowly started finding my strength and the fight that I had personally lost. In the meantime I started teaching myself production and this song came out one day. I posted it on Instagram and the numbers quickly started growing. It’s been amazing to see so many people relate to the song, 

Could you elaborate on the deeper meaning of the Get Back Your Fight visuals?

I usually see art and visuals when I write each song. I wanted to use “war paint” on my face for the cover but more in a fashionable way. This cover and music video resembles the “future me” talking to the “past me”. She is a fighter and embodies strength and wisdom. 

If you had to describe your new album Best Daysin 3 words, what would they be?

Fun, Emotional, Hopeful.

Could you disclose what other plans you have for this year?

I am going to be traveling to Germany and London in September for shows and also will be releasing a Deluxe version of my Christmas album in November which I’m very excited about! 

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