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28th June 2023

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

Hailing from Guadalajara, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Shiadanni is currently under the spotlight for her recent offering "STELLAR"; the second release off her highly anticipated upcoming EP. 

The initial inspiration of the track is said to be deriving from an intense lucid dream Shiadanni had once experienced.  The song that emerges out of feeling invincible and being magnetic by simply being yourself also tries to spread a remarkable message of being proud of who you truly are. 

Shiadanni's music continues to captivate listeners from around the world as she showcases her confidence, versatility, star power, and ability to craft music that inspires authenticity. 

It can be stated without a doubt that a lot of self-reflection and introspection went into crafting Shiadanni's music as she made the pivotal decision of moving away from the city and surrounding herself with nature and silence in order to get her creative juices flowing. 
Her plans of being an artist had changed but somehow using this time of self-reflection she decided she would make music for herself. Shortly after moving away, the pandemic hit and she was forced to live with her thoughts every day which helped her analyze her life. Through music, she was able to talk to her younger self and empower her. 

Shiadanni was successfully able to showcase her inner strength while creating the luminary cool and dynamic sound that she’s known for, leaving listeners eager to know and experience what’s next for her and her music. 
I recently had a chat with ReVamp's latest cover star- the sensational Shiadanni as we delved deep into the making of her brand new track, the creative process behind her music, her plans for the future and some other significant insights into her professional journey so far.

Hi there Shiadanni. Thank you for joining us on ReVamp! How are you doing? How has the start of 2023 been for you so far? 

Hi! Thank you for having me on ReVamp! I've been doing well, despite the usual chaos that comes with life. Over the years, I've been learning how to navigate and manage it more effectively, and I can say that I'm improving each year. Additionally, I'm thrilled about the abundance of new music releases in 2023. It's particularly gratifying for me because I've been working towards this moment for quite some time.

I'd love to begin this interview by asking what it truly was that brought you closer to the field of entertainment. Was it a passion that you developed at an early stage of your life or was it something that derived out of a specific experience?  

I was drawn to the field of entertainment due to a combination of factors. Growing up in a challenging emotional environment, I discovered that I could bring peace and diversion to my family by assuming the role of the "clown" at home. It was during those moments that I realized the power of music and art as a means of escape. Over time, this escape became an integral part of my life, and it evolved into my source of survival. Now, I find it difficult to imagine functioning without it. While I can't pinpoint the exact reason why I fell in love with the arts, I am certain that my early experiences played a significant role in shaping my passion for this field.

You recently released your new track "STELLAR" off your upcoming EP. First of all, huge congratulations on the project! What has the response been to the song from the listeners and your fans so far?

I'm incredibly thrilled it did so well! It's truly heartening to see that despite minimal promotional efforts, people have streamed and appreciated the song. I believe one of the reasons it resonated with listeners is because it showcases a different side of my artistry compared to my previous releases. "STELLAR" brings a more upbeat and energetic vibe, and I was delighted to explore that musical direction. During the production process, I challenged myself to create a track to make people groove and enjoy it during live performances. While I haven't had the opportunity to perform it live yet, I'm eagerly looking forward to it and the excitement it will bring.

I'd love to know the initial inspiration behind the track. I know the starting point of the song was through a lucid dream but how did you personally carry that idea forward, producing it and transforming it into the final product that it is today? Did it come out just how you envisioned it to be when you first started working on it? 

The initial inspiration behind "Stellar" emerged from a vivid and lucid dream. However, rather than having a clear plan of production, the dream evoked a profound feeling within me. Creatively, I often work in a way that follows something abstract, something beyond words and ideas. It's an intuitive process where I allow myself to be guided, even if I'm not fully aware of what something is about until I experience it collectively with others. Each of us has our own instrument, our own unique space where we shine and feel secure. Initially, I believed my instrument was my voice, but I've come to realize that it is my spirit that I listen to and channel the most. "Stellar" encapsulates a sense of unwavering confidence, an electrifying energy. I distinctly remember envisioning a lion beneath the sea, its majestic mane flowing in slow motion—an image both stunning and seemingly impossible, which instantly captivated me. This visual served as a powerful musical inspiration for the track.

Did you ever face any kind of challenges during the production stage of the track? What was your overall experience like working on the song and the EP?

Not at all! Fortunately, I didn't encounter any significant challenges during the production stage of "Stellar." It was a project that I approached with a sense of playfulness, and being an upbeat song, it naturally flowed with ease. Upbeat songs often have a way of coming together effortlessly, not requiring excessive contemplation. Adding Spanish parts to the track was a delightful experience for me. It felt like a natural extension of the thoughts and emotions I had in my dream (given that I dream in Spanish). Overall, working on the song and the EP was a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

"STELLAR" truly is such an ethereal track. Listening to it for the first time, I had a perception of the track being an amalgamation of many distinct sounds and emotions. Being the creator of the song yourself, if you could describe the track through one word or phrase, how would you define it? What was your reaction like when you first heard the track?

If I had to describe "STELLAR" in one word or phrase, I would choose "dreamy." When I first heard the track, I perceived it as an exquisite blend of diverse sounds and emotions, reminiscent of the intricacies found within a dream. It takes listeners on a dynamic and captivating journey, alternating between moments of speed and grandeur, as well as introspective depths and uplifting heights. Through the song, I aimed to convey the essence of a dream, both in its sonic elements and the evocative feelings it elicits. Personally, I have a deep fondness for the track as it offers a complete and immersive experience that truly captivates the senses.

In terms of your upcoming EP, what was the overall creative process like on that specific project? What can you tell us and your fans as to what they can expect from your highly anticipated EP? 

The creative process behind my upcoming EP has been a deliberate one. As a new artist, I have strategically released singles that are more accessible and less complex, allowing listeners to gradually get acquainted with my musical style. However, the EP itself delves into a deeper and more profound realm. The songs on the EP take their time to unravel and share their unique stories. I am truly excited for people to experience the complete body of work, as it offers much more than ordinary tracks. Each song acts as a portal, transporting listeners into their own immersive world. In a cinematic, dramatic, and beautiful manner, the EP invites fans to embark on a captivating musical journey that will leave a lasting beautiful experience. 

Having such an established and dedicated fanbase, did it ever create any sort of pressure on you to put your personal experiences and projects out for the public to immerse into? Or did you perceive having enormous support online as a sign of personal motivation?

I am incredibly grateful for my established and dedicated fanbase, who have warmly embraced everything I create. Yet, it is important to note that I approach my craft from an introspective and deeply personal standpoint. When I engage in songwriting, the focus is not on the expectations of the listener or how my work will be perceived. Instead, my songs serve as a collection of raw confessions, allowing me to preserve my sanity and find solace in the process. While there may be moments of vulnerability after releasing my work, where I feel a slight sense of nervousness for sharing such intimate emotions, I always remind myself of the transient nature of life. It becomes a powerful reminder to courageously share my art, as it has the potential to touch and inspire others on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing.

What's next for you, Shiadanni? Any upcoming projects/collaborations you're currently working on that you'd like to hint to your fans about?

I’m so excited for my next single "VIOLENT," which will be accompanied by another self-directed music video. The creative process of bringing my songs to life with visuals is one of my absolute favorite parts of being an artist. I am truly proud of "VIOLENT," and it has quickly become one of my personal favorites—I find myself constantly playing it in the car! Alongside this release, I have been hard at work on a multitude of new songs that I'm eager to share. This year is shaping up to be a time of abundant musical richness, and I can't wait for my fans to experience it all.

(Thank you for your time, Shiadanni! Sending you lots of love on your upcoming projects!) Lastly, is there any message you'd wish to your fans currently reading this interview? 

I wanna thank my listeners for always supporting every track I release and for being with me on this incredible journey. As someone who experienced loneliness during childhood, having a community of individuals who genuinely understand and embrace my artistic journey is a priceless gift. I sincerely hope that life grants me the opportunity to keep creating and sharing my art with all of you. Let's continue transforming chaos into beautiful art together! With all my love.

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