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24th May 2023

Photography, Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Hair & Makeup: Tamara Tott

Allegra is back with some major news! The AMAZING singer (see what I did there)... tells ReVamp that she has teamed up with the number one DJ, Tiesto on her new track 'Round & Round'

We chat to Allegra about the remix, the music video and dream collaborations she would love to team up with.

Hi Allegra! Thanks for chatting with us today. How has this year been for you?

It’s been a bit of a wild time. A lot of changes for me. Moving into my own flat , Turing 21, deciding to take a year off from my studies….but of course being able to work with Tiesto !!!! So we can say 2023 is off to a big start.

We're here to chat about your latest single 'Round and Round' with the No.1 DJ Tiesto! Congratulations! How did this all happen?

I don’t even know haha. Talks were happening I couldn’t quite believe it. I almost didn’t think it was actually going to happen until I received the mix. 

It's insane! What was it like when you heard back Tiesto's remix on your track?

I always like to do a thing I like to call “the shower test.” When I get a remix, I usually grab my big speaker and test how I react in the shower hahah ! It’s a great way to test !! Well it obviously passed with flying colours and I immediately went down to show my family while I was still in my bathrobe… that’s how excited I was !!!

You’re also just about to drop your music video to the track (which is incredible by the way). What was the inspiration behind it?

I’ve always wanted to do a music video with a full dance choreography. I just can’t believe my first one is to a Tiesto remix… where do we go from here! [laughs]. I’ve always loved dancing but I’ve never done anything to this extent. It was nice to feel my lyric through dancing, so I got really into it.

Now that you've collaborated with Tiesto. Are there any other artist you would love to work with?

I mean Tiesto is someone I would never of guessed that I would have worked on this early in my career…but I would love to work with Dua Lipa and Rita Ora. I think they would be so much fun to work with and I think we have similar styles.

Lastly, before you leave... will you be releasing an EP? Are there any other releases we need to look out for?

There are definitely talks about an EP. So watch out !! Lots is coming soon…

Round & Round [Remix] by Allegra and Tiesto is out on Friday.

Check out the trailer to 'Round & Round'.

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