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Alexa Cappelli

2nd April 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Mutuals Agency

Hailed by MTV as a “voice of a generation,” Alexa Cappelli molds her songs out of heartfelt confessions, honest thoughts, and unforgettable experiences projected without filter by her traffic-stopping voice. 

Cappelli is back to talk about her latest single 'Someone Better'. 

Hi Alexa, thanks so much for coming back onto ReVamp mag, always a pleasure to speak to you, how have you been since we last spoke? 

WOW!! It’s been a minute, thanks for having me back. Lots of growth, new music, and a new vision! 

You have been so busy with your new release of ‘Someone Better’, how did this release come about, and what made you want to create this single?

I wrote it a bit over a year ago, and it is just as special to me now as it was then. It’s about letting go of love most respectfully towards the other person. I wanted to release it as a single because I believe it shows a side of me that my new fans haven’t heard before.

How do you think the music you are working on now differs from what you have released in the past? 

It’s been developing with me as I lean more into what I want to say and how I want to say it as an artist. I carry my experiences into my songs with me, and the more life I live, the more I want to write about it. 

When you are writing your singles, what do you do to keep that focus?

In a creative field, discipline is not always the most fun thing to keep up with. I do my best to write every day, even if it’s just sitting at the piano and dreaming up a little melody or concept. I focus best on songs I believe in, and have been having so much fun working on this album!

Check out the music video to 'Someone Better'. 

You describe “‘Someone Better’ is the realization that the relationship you’re in doesn't fit the life you’re living for.’ It is so important that people realize that, how did you become to realize that in your own life, and how did you portray that in the new single?

I believe it to be so important. I asked myself “does this person direct me toward the person I want to become and will I be able to do the same for them?” Sometimes their character is top-notch, but everything else about our lives just doesn't line up! I wanted to express the emotions that I felt in letting go of someone who I cared about. 

What was your recording/writing process like for this? Did you have to delve into the past and your feelings toward it? 

We wrote the majority of the song in one day. It went through some different arrangements throughout the whole process, but I am happy with where it landed. When I record in a studio or perform on stage, I focus on the story and empathize with the version of myself that wrote the song. 

You opted to leave college early to pursue this music career, since leaving college, what have you learned about yourself? 

I’ve learned SO MUCH! I think we all learned a thing or two during the pandemic, but the biggest thing I’ve grown to understand is how to be myself in every room. It’s one thing to tell someone else that their voice matters, but to believe when you say it in the mirror is a whole other thing.

What are you most excited about for this release? 

I always love when listeners share with me how they can relate to the song. I am a generally positive person, so to share a *sad* song is newer to me, even though there is a glimmer of hope in the tagline. There IS someone better out there, even if it’s just me for now. <3

Stream 'Someone Better' by Alexa Cappelli here.

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