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Phoenix Rose

1st November 2022

Photography, Interview & Editor: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Holly Coyle

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

Phoenix Rose came to ReVamp at the beginning of this year saying that she's been creating new music. She's now back again as a cover girl to tell us that she's released three amazing songs, releasing an upcoming EP and many more exciting projects.

 Hello Phoenix Rose! Welcome back! You’ve been at ReVamp before talking about your upcoming music and now you’re back again as our cover star. What have you been up to since we last spoke?

Thank you SO much for having me as your cover star, genuinely such a magical day for me.
It’s been kind of a crazy time since we last spoke. I’ve moved house, I left touring with dreamboys, I’ve released new music, signed to a new acting agent, things have been scary and crazy and wonderful!

You’ve mentioned you’ve released 3 amazing singles. How has the reaction been? 

The reaction has been amazing. It’s really lovely when you have an idea, a feeling, a sound, a hope, a plan and it all starts to take solid shape. 

You’ve also got an EP coming out. What can you tell us about it?

The ep has taken an interesting turn as it will now feature 3 brand new songs, an interlude and 3 remixes. So it’s really exciting!
It’s all about the human experience of emotion. It’s about loss, grief, addiction, hope, love, and all the many things in between. It’s the EP for everyone who has felt something in life, but has also felt alone. You’re not alone. I see you, I hear you, I understand you.

Now let’s put music to the side. As the ReVamp readers can see our cover shoot has been all about boxing and being in the ring. Is there something you want to tell us?

Haha yessss !!! I am competing in boxing for the first time in 2 weeks!!!!! I actually can’t believe it this is something I’ve wanted to do for so long. This photo shoot alone is something I’ve wanted to do for years so it’s just incredible to see it all come together.
Manifestation is real people, if you want it enough, you can create it.

What made you get in to boxing?

I started boxing when I was 19, as a friend of mine had a boxing gym he was coaching at and wanted to get more girls involved. I went for the fitness but the coach wanted to train me up to fight within the first 15 minutes. I wasn’t able to fight then because I have a condition that causes me to faint which had only just been diagnosed. The same thing happened 6 years later. By the time I picked boxing up again in 2021 I just accepted it wasn’t going to happen, I wasn’t going to fight, but I could just be in love with the sport and get fit. But I ended up here! I guess getting healthier and also braver allowed me to put my name down to compete. I could see how I was getting in the way of my own opportunities because of fear, Fast forwarding to where I am today I realised I was ready to get in the ring. Crazy! Boxing to me is the only time in life I feel free. It clears my mind if anything and everything and although I’m going in to face an opponent, the only person I’m battling is myself. 

You’re also here to talk about your little project Big Sis. What can you tell us?

Big Sis was born from the idea of wanting to be able to coach and mentor women to help them and guide them in ways that I have needed so much. To learn about ourselves frees us from so many crushing, anxiety ridden, suffocating areas of life, and I hope to extend a hand to other women who need that support. We don’t have to be stuck! I work with women on a one on one basis.

Lastly, have you got anything you would like to say to your ReVamp readers?

If you feel you can’t, you can, if it scares you, run at it, if you stay put, you’ll always stay the same, nothing changes if nothing changes. Don’t get suckered into believing this is all there is. There’s so much more. If you want to download my music it’s on all streaming platforms. I’ll be singing live November 10th at the Camden club (free tickets!) And boxing November 12th! You can purchase tickets for that too.

Also if you have any enquiries about Big Sis dm on Instagram or email

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