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Boy In Space

16th September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Boy In Space chats to us about his new EP 'Backyard' and life in Sweden.

Hi, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, tell me a bit of the back story behind how you got into music, and who inspired you.

There’s a lot of music within the family so I’ve grown up around instruments and singing. So many people have inspired so it’s hard to say a specific person.

You grew up in Sweden, how do you think that had an impact on your music? 

Sweden is big on pop music so I think that has definitely shaped me into the writer I am today.

How did ‘Boy In Space’ come about, why did you decide to call yourself that?

Honestly, I thought it sounded really cool. And it felt like the perfect name for what I wanted to do.

You have a new EP ‘Backyard’, which is a reflection on your EP, ‘Frontyard’, I love the fact that this is about hidden feelings, how did this make you reflect on yourself and your emotions?

I wanted to show something different with this EP from the music to the emotion. Just felt like wearing my heart on my sleeve. In a different way.

Check out the music video to 'Slide' by Boy In Space.

How did the EP come about and why did you decide to do a follow-up?

The plan was always to make two EPs because I knew I wanted to put out more music in this format. And doing it in this way just gives a full experience. It almost becomes a full album in a sense.

How do you want people to feel when they are listening to this EP?

People can feel however they want. I hope at least it can make them feel something. 

What is the recording/writing process and how did you choose which songs would feature on the EP? Going off of that, why did you decide to choose them songs?

The process starts with the songs. Writing the melodies and lyrics. After that, we produce the songs.mGetting the right feel for what the song is saying.I wanted to show a different side of my songwriting with this EP so there’s a moody and darker tone to it.

What is next for you? 

Next, I want to keep creating content that inspires me and my listeners. And play a lot of shows!

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