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19 Miles Per House

13th September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic pop/rock band originally from New Hampshire. Gas Mask Magazine describes their music as "Passionate and Unforgettable". Brothers Danny and Michael Iacopucci along with Brady Ellsworth formed the band in 2018. Ben Iba joined them in 2021. The band made their first appearance in Utah at the Battle of the Bands at The Wall - BYU in 2019, which they won. They were later invited to play at Velour Battle of the Bands and were later voted Runner-Up in All-Star Battle of the Bands at The Wall in 2020. 

19 Miles Per Hour is an energetic and engaging band dedicated to doing good. They always bring an energetic crowd to their shows and always make sure their fans have an amazing time.

Thanks for talking to ReVamp, how did you form a band? 

Danny and I (Mikey) started playing music together at an early age since we’re brothers. Our dad introduced us to music and was a huge influence on us because he was in a band in high school and shared the same passion for music as us. We met our friend Brady and started playing music and writing music with him and it became our main focus. Later on, we met the other members and have gone through a couple of lineup changes, but are going to do whatever it takes to make this band (19 Miles Per Hour) succeed. 

Growing up, who were your inspirations to get into music? 

When we were younger we listened to a lot of classic rock like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. Eventually, we all started listening to our own niches of music like Mayday Parade, Train, The Backseat Lovers, All Time Low, Matchbox Twenty, and more. 

September 2022 is a big month for you, as you will be releasing your new single ‘Contradictions’, how did this song come about and did you have to make any changes before it’s due to come out? 

We wrote this song about how you always hear about people wanting to “make a difference” or “change the world”, but when the opportunity arises, they don’t do anything.  We wanted this song to be our motivator for everyone to get up and do something about the changes they want to see. People always complain about the “sad state” of the world, but what are they doing to improve it? We just want this song to inspire people to act.

What is the recording/writing process as a band? 

How do you know once it is finished? Oftentimes, one of us will start writing a song and then bring that song to the band to add the finishing touches. Sometimes we’ll collectively write a song together from the start, but writing separately we feel brings a variety of sounds to our music because of the different influences we have. Typically we will record most of the music ourselves but go to a studio to record drums.

Mikey, you wrote this song, when writing, what did you use to envisage?  

I think ultimately, I was in a rough place and was discouraged about the awful things that were happening throughout the world and I thought “If we all want peace and love, why don’t we just act like it and do something about it.” And honestly, it was frustrating to think that we could make a huge difference if everyone was just willing to put a little more effort in and work together. So ultimately, I wanted this song to be that seed of inspiration, and for it to be planted in our listener's hearts, and everyone’s hearts. It’s a killer song with a killer message and there’s no reason it shouldn’t reach the hearts of everyone. 

You were voted as overall favourite artist and best band award, being recognised for your hard work, how did it all make you feel, knowing you are being recognised for the hard work? 

It was such a cool experience and made us feel like our music really was making an impact. We were up against some pretty famous and insanely talented bands from Utah and the fact that we were voted “Favourite Overall” was a huge honour. Still thankful for this and for everyone who has supported us. 

What is coming up for you next? 

So after “Contradictions” comes out, we are releasing a new full-length album called “Inner Thoughts” which comes out on October 1st. This album is ultimately a memoir of our thoughts, passions, struggles, and inspirations shared as songs. We are playing a big local show at Velour in Provo, UT on October 1st as an Album-Release show. Hopefully, after that, we will be focusing on touring and (hopefully) setting up some tours as an opener for some bigger, more popular bands!

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