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Kelsey Gill

Photography & Interview: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Natalie Doke

Hitting millions of streams with her single I'll Be Fine with Yellow Claw back in 2018. Kelsey Gill joins ReVamp to talk about her upcoming new single 'Rob Me Blind' and plans for new music.

Hey Kelsey! Thanks for chatting to ReVamp. Your new single 'Rob Me Blind' is coming out on the 11th March. How have you prepared for this?

Hey, it’s a pleasure thank you for having me. Yes it is.  I’m really excited but also very nervous. It’s been a long time coming as it’s my first pop solo project, my other releases before have been features, so I’m on my own with this one, so the pressure is on. I just hope people really like it. I’ve had a while to mentally prepare myself for this song as the project started before lock down but I don’t think you’re ever really ready for the release of your own music cause it’s so competitive out there with so many new songs coming out all the time but I’m just hoping for the best. I’ve been rehearsing with my band for live gigs, a live lounge video, I’ve got a great team behind me and got a few exciting things lined up over the next few months to promote & push the record, including a festival around international woman’s day. I’m just grateful to be in the position to put music I enjoy out there, as it’s always been my dream. 

What was the inspiration behind the single?

The song was written by me and two talented friends in the states. We were hanging out writing and the producer started playing a cool bass line and we decided to write something around it. We wanted to write something that was positive - not another sad love song, it’s about not settling for less, being confident, enjoying independence until someone really steals your heart. The musical inspiration came from those late 90s & early 2000s hits like Christina, Beyoncé  & JT with a bit of r&b vibes. The topic was inspired from those chats with my girlfriends who had come out of relationships and were broken hearted, trying to make them feel better, don’t take things too seriously and it’s ok to have fun. It’s also got a few hidden innuendos in there but I’ll let you figure that out when you hear it ha ha!  

There also been rumours that you’ve done a music video for Rob Me Blind.  What can you tell us about the video? What does it look like? 

There’s actually 2 videos one is a live lounge funky Silk sonic vibe video with my band keeping it real & the official video is a collection of scenes, bright colours, cool fashion and story telling. It’s quite old school MTV days. 

Now, will there be an EP coming out? 

There’s definitely a collection of songs coming out that all tie together like an ep / mini album I’d say. I’m working with a great team that have given me a lot of freedom to put out what I believe in. The second single is more of a power ballad, it really means a lot to me as it’s about my own personal journey and about self believe that we all struggle with. The single after is pretty topical too, I wanted to tell stories in my music that have a bit of meaning, I don’t want to give too much away but with each song you learn more about me and what I believe in to create a positive influence on people to feel good about themselves. 

Anything else exciting you’ve got planned that’s coming out this year? 

Yes I’ve got another amazing co written dance feature coming out soon. I do love a good dance record keep things upbeat. Then I’m involved in an amazing all female charity single with some amazing female artists you will have probably heard of.

Last question, is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Just that I’m grateful for the support so far & hope you will keep listening. Life is for enjoying the moment and through music I think we can reach more people in a positive way and if my music can brighten up at least one persons day then I’m doing my job. 

Please stream ‘Rob Me Blind’  from the 11th March!!!

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